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Free Your Wrist: Three Fitness Trackers You Don’t Wear Like A Watch!



Health and fitness have always been important considerations for most of us, yet today there seems to be more emphasis placed on our collective health than ever before. For this reason, today I sum up three great fitness trackers that may be worn in other ways than watch-like on your wrist. So, read on to learn all about these awesome little devices whose only goal in life is to help you to live a healthier one!

Boss Pedals Reviewed: BD-2w, OD-1X and TE-2



The Japanese company Boss has created the most historically significant collection of compact (“stompbox”) guitar pedals and continues to build quality electronic products for modern musicians. Starting in 1977 with the iconic (and orange-colored) DS-1 distortion pedal, Boss has created and released over a hundred pedal models. See that “wall of pedals”? That picture was taken by yours truly at the NAMM 2014 conference.  Lots of them are still sold worldwide and can be heard on recordings by famous artists. I had the privilege of trying three of the most recent innovative guitar pedals by Boss in the course of the last few weeks. Two gain-based pedals, and an echo (or reverb) model. What a treat!


Pan’s Labyrinth Mondo X SteelBook rolls in on a wave of slime


Get ready to be immersed in Guillermo Del Toro’s’ fairy tale Pan’s Labyrinth. The art was designed by Jock who is known for his comic illustrations for Batman, Wolverine, and Dredd.  Pan’s Labyrinth marks number 004 in the Mondo X SteelBook line up.

Review: Kenwood triblade hand blender

kenwood triblade.jpg

If you're looking for an all-in-one kitchen tool with great power, incredible versatility, and more tools than a Swiss army knife, you've found it.  Check out the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender kit.

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